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Welcome :)
Welcome to the forum of DS & MK fans Uśmiech We speak mostly Polish, but not in this section. You may also try different languages, maybe there is someone here who would understand Oczko

Feel free to create topics. You may od course write in English in all of the forum - this is not a cage Oczko

I know my English is rather poor, but I'm just a cleaning man here Uśmiech

Anyway, have fun!
Hi everybody
Thanx for creating this section in english so we can speak together and understand each other
Thx Bart :-)
Hi mimitto,
Nice to have you here! Uśmiech

Bart, your English is good enough. Better than my Chinese for sure Duży uśmiech
Well done with this new section, by the way. You're one creative cleaner Oczko
...Well He's a big star now but I've been a fan of his for years,
the way he sings and plays guitar still brings me to tears...
You speak chinese? wow, i'm impressed
Love, Peace & Dire Straits

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