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HANK SHIZZOE & Loose Gravel - "Plenty Of Time" CrossCut CCD11060 (1998)

This is the third release from Hank Shizzoe and once again it's a really good one ! Hank himself sings and plays all the guitars. Not all true, he's got some help on four tracks, but he wouldn't have to, believe me. Hans is an excellent slide/bottleneck-guitar player which of course handles the Dobro and the National Steel guitar with great ease. I've seen him been compared to Ry Cooder, but that must be his technical skills not his sound. He's more <b>sounding like Mark Knopfler<b> with a bottleneck on his right hand all the time. The opening track could easily fitted in on one of <b>Dire Straits' earliest releases.<b> Yes it's that good ! And his voice is not that far away from Mark Knopfler's either. His musical partners (here called Loose Gravel) is Michel Poffet on double-bass or bull-fiddle if you like. Cristoph Bede plays the drums and sings harmony. Together they are a perfect backing for Hans' strong tunes and excellent guitar-work. But there one more person to mention, and that is Christian Brantschen which does a superb job on piano and organ. No synths here folks !! Of the cd's thirteen tracks Hans (real name Thomas Erb) has written twelve of them. The remaining track is a cover-version of John Fogerty's" Between The Lines". So for all of you who likes Dire Straits' early days, fans of the art of bottleneck/slide-guitar playing and good music in general, here's a cd to buy!
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