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Here you may write something about you - where you are from and why you are here.
Hi everybody,
This is Myriam, from Tunisia and a Big fan of Dire Straits :-))
You are most welcome Uśmiech By the way: we have been doing this little project, a ranking for all DS and MK longplays. At the moment we vote fore "The ragpicker's dream": - I guess you don't need Polish to get the picture Oczko Don't hesitate to vote!
So, tell us more Uśmiech Since when you have been into MK music? Have you seen him on a concert? etc. etc. Oczko
hi Miriam, nice to hear... maybe you can join us June, July or August Uśmiech on fans meeting ?

Bart maybe we can use google translate for our topics ?
Hi my name is Sebastian. And Im from Ciechanów. Im here because, im a big dire strait's and Mark Knopfler's Fan. Im 13 years old. And im new in And i think i dont feel sorry :].
Hi, why in english ?Uśmiech
A wlasnie bo chyba nie mamy dzialu po polsku ? czy sie myle
dlaczego nikt sie nie przedstawia ?
My name is Ania, nice to meet you, Marti. Duży uśmiech
Hi everyone, I'm Mac, thank you for having me here Uśmiech have been Mark Knopfler's fan since 1985
Hi Mac Uśmiech